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7 Benefits Of Using AJAX Technology

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a dynamic and interactive web application development technology which offers an enriched user experience. Complete AJAX applications usually provide the feel of desktop applications. Here are some of the benefits of using AJAX technology.

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1. Enhanced User Experience

AJAX allows for the serial updating of web pages through the exchange of a small amount of data with the server. This means that parts of the web page can be updated without the need to reload the entire page. AJAX increases the performance of browsers and facilitates quicker browsing speed thus offering an enhanced user experience.

2. Improved User Productivity

The AJAX library has object-oriented helper functions that enhance productivity. A correctly configured ASP.NET application will have its business layer and data access layer. The ASP.NET application even includes an UI layer where the server-side operations are undertaken. If these features are already included, AJAX requires just an additional layer of AJAX-specific services and some enhancement on client features. This translates to a reduction in the deployment costs and enhances user productivity.

3. Enhanced Compatibility

AJAX is compatible with PHP, J2EE, ASP.NET, and many other languages. It supports nearly all the major browsers including Opera 7.6 and above, Apple Safari 1.2 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above, and Internet Explorer 5 and above.

4. It Supports Asynchronous Processing

Asynchronous data processing is possible through XmlHttpRequest, which is the backbone of AJAX applications. Requests are thus handled more efficiently while dynamic content loading achieves higher height by considerably improving the performance.

5. Easier Navigation

To allow for easier transition between web pages to users, AJAX applications can be built as opposed to using the traditional back and forward buttons on web browsers.

6. Increased Speed and Reduced Bandwidth Usage

AJAX uses client-side scripting for communicating with the web server and exchanging data using JavaScript. With AJAX, you will cut down on bandwidth usage and network load by retrieving only the data needed to provide faster interfaces and improved response times. Response time is quicker, which translates to increased speed and performance.

7. Compact

AJAX allows for several multi-purpose applications as well as features to be handled using a single page, which eliminates the need for clutter with several web pages.

Final Thoughts

AJAX is amazing technology. If you would like to enjoy the benefits it offers, you should consider using it on your website/web pages. Try it today and experience the difference.

Here is a quick tutorial to help you get started with AJAX technology.

Should You Learn Ajax or Jquery?

If you are right now dazed and confused – laying in bed at night – asking yourself whether you should learn Ajax or Jquery, the simple answer to that question is this:

It depends on what you want to do on your website.

This is because there are significant differences between Ajax or Jquery, although they are based on the same Java programming language.

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Should You Learn Ajax or Jquery: What’s The Real Difference

Ajax helps websites to communicate with servers. If your website has a significant amount of data that will affect load time, then you will need Ajax to fetch data from the server without leaving the website. On the other hand, Jquery is a library of different Javascript that you use for many different purposes, depending on what you are trying to do on your website.

We Are Comparing Apples And Oranges My Dear Watson…

In real life application, you cannot choose between the two because they are not in the same category of usage. To recap, Ajax is what you use to fetch data from the server, Jquery is what you use to implement certain visual effects to your website, like lightboxes to your pictures.

For us, though, there is no need to learn either. If you are a businessman, you will want to spend a significant amount of your time making your business grow rather than spend how many hours learning geek speak. While you can always learn the basics, you will be spending a lot of your time climbing up a steep learning curve that can leave you with no time to manage your business and make it profitable.

Outsource To Experts #LIKEABOSS

Leave the work to the experts – there are many websites out there where you can find AJAX and Jquery experts. Websites like Fiverr and SEO Clerks can help you connect with the many programmers all over the world who are experts in anything Java.

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